Connecting today to tomorrow

Peace of Mind

Let us help you gain the financial knowledge and understanding you need so that you can remain calm and stress free through life's volatility.

Set for Life

Be diligent and invest for the long-term so that your future self can live a happy worry-free retirement.

Tailored Cover

You are unique, you need cover that suit your specific needs, let us get you that cover.

Protect what you love

As your personal financial-planning-partner, we are here to help you make the most from your money, by working with you to create your individual financial roadmap. We gain a deeper understanding of your specific situation and goals and lay the groundwork for a solid financial foundation for you and your family. This includes making sure you have the right medical cover for your affordability and health status, appropriate life insurance and investments. Whether your goals are buying a home, saving for your child’s education, planning for retirement, getting the correct medical aid or building a thriving business. We create your financial plan based on your individual needs, goals and current position. Building a bridge for you between today and tomorrow.



As an independent Financial Services provider we specialises in offering our clients a full Financial Needs Analysis. The Financial Needs Analysis will provide you with a thorough analysis of your financial needs using your company and / or personal insurance and investment contracts, making sure you are on track for your financial goals. A Financial Needs Analysis will ensure that a client is not sold a particular product without an overall assessment of their financial needs. Some financial needs include; planning for retirement, saving for your children’s education, saving for a new car or holiday, making sure you are fully covered in the event of your death, disability or severe illness and looking at your estate planning. By doing a financial needs analysis it gives you more information on products and investments and allows us as your advisor to create your own tailored financial plan.

Retirement Planning

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement. We help you create a retirement strategy by taking you through a financial needs analysis to create your individual plan. This will help ensure that you can take care of yourself and your family, while you enjoy your next chapter of life.   


Investing is about growth and tax efficiency. Let us help you find the right investment for your specific needs.


Endowments offer an attractive investment and savings opportunity for individuals with a marginal tax rate higher than 30%. This is because endowments are taxed at a fixed rate of 30% which means your returns will be taxed at a lower rate. In addition, endowments are beneficial in estate planning for two reasons, they can offer a reduction in executor’s fees and nominated beneficiaries receive payment without having to wait for the estate to be wound up.  

Tax Free Savings Investments

Tax free savings investments are excellent vehicles for saving for your child’s education, additional retirement savings, short-term holiday savings, or whatever your need may be. We can assist you in selecting the best tax-free savings account (TFSA) with the lowest charges.   

Unit Trust

Unit trusts offer an affordable and easily accessible way to invest your money. Our Financial Advisors simplify the investment process for you by expertly selecting the best portfolios to invest in. Whether it’s saving for longer-term needs or short-term financial goals, we will help you meet each one.

Offshore Investments

For large or small-scale investments, maximize your money in the global market. Our Financial Advisors will optimize and diversify your portfolio by selecting the offshore opportunities which best suit your financial goals.   

Retirement annuity (RA)

Secure your ability to fund your future with a retirement annuity. An RA is an insurance product that pays out income on a future date or series of dates and is a great addition to your retirement strategy. A retirement annuity also has great tax incentives, contact us to discuss these in further detail.

Preservation fund

A preservation fund works to protect and preserve your pension and provident fund benefits when you leave a company that has a pension or provident fund. Whether you are a young professional seeking high growth over time or close to retirement seeking capital preservation. We will assist you in determining your objectives and roll out the best investment strategy for you. 


Medical Aid

Making the most informed decision about your medical cover is of the utmost importance. We will compare and secure coverage taking into consideration all your unique needs, budget and health concerns. To simplify the complexity of plans and claims, trust us to give you comprehensive advice to ensure your most precious asset is well protected. 

Gap Cover

For cover when you need it most. Gap cover allows you to pay for In-hospital expenses (and certain out of hospital expenses) when your medical policy does not cover certain costs. We help you select an affordable and quality gap cover to help you meet your unforeseen needs.

Medical Insurance / Primary Healthcare

Medical insurance provides a more suitable financial option when medical aid is not accessible / affordable to you. Also referred to as primary healthcare, it gives you access to private health care cover for events of an accidental nature. Additionally, members can have access to unlimited GP visits within the approved network of doctors.


A Will is one of the most important documents you may ever compile in your life. Because you love your family and providing for and protecting your family is a priority. Having a Will in place ensures your chosen beneficiaries receive your assets when you pass away. It does not have to be a complicated and lengthy endeavor. We safeguard your family and assets by simplifying the process for you. Let us assist you in drafting your Will so that we can be there to execute the Will in the event of your death.