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Which healthcare solution is right for you?

Medical Aid

Making the most informed decision about your medical cover is of the utmost importance. We will compare and secure coverage taking into consideration all your unique needs, budget and health concerns. To simplify the complexity of plans and claims, trust us to give you comprehensive advice to ensure your most precious asset is well protected. 

Gap Cover

For cover when you need it most. Gap cover allows you to pay for In-hospital expenses (and certain out of hospital expenses) when your medical policy does not cover certain costs. We help you select an affordable and quality gap cover to help you meet your unforeseen needs.  

Medical Insurance / Primary Healthcare

Medical insurance provides a more suitable financial option when medical aid is not accessible / affordable to you. Also referred to as primary healthcare, it gives you access to private health care cover for events of an accidental nature. Additionally, members can have access to unlimited GP visits within the approved network of doctors.