Attract and retain top talent by offering the most desirable benefits, at competitive rates for your business

Employee Benefits

Take care of your workforce so that they can take care of your business. Employees who receive company benefits that they most value, such as healthcare and retirement options are less likely to quit. Research shows that productivity increases when employee benefit needs are met. Let your employees grow with you as they grow your business. We guide and assist you in making the most informed decision when choosing your employee benefits package.


Provident Fund / Pension Fund

Helping employees on the road to financial well-being during and after years of service is a value that most people require from the company they work for. Offering a provident/pension fund option to employees is important because it gives them financial peace of mind, should they be unable to continue working or when they retire. Our goal is to help you provide quality benefits to meet the needs of your staff. We will assist you in selecting a retirement fund with long-term stable growth, by analyzing your business structure and financial capacity.

Group Retirement Annuity

Give your employees the power to take their financial future into their own hands. A group retirement annuity is an effective retirement savings solution because it provides employees with an individually owned fund, tailored to their needs and individual risk. It can also be a cost-efficient vehicle to provide retirement savings for staff.

Group Risk Benefits

Group risk benefits allow businesses to protect the income of their employees in the event of debilitating injury, serious illness or death. It includes salary continuation and life insurance and is a long-term commitment to provide access to income when it is needed most. We will help you select the best option for your staff compliment, so your business can enjoy benefits at a competitive premium.


A healthy happy workforce is your company’s most valuable asset

Medical Aid

A good medical aid is number one on the list of must-have benefits that employees require. As the most desirable of benefits to offer, research suggests that staff are less likely to quit and additionally take less days off. There are many healthcare products out there, choosing the right cover is imperative, taking into account your individual members’ needs and their affordability. We will sift through the myriad of plans out there and help you select one tailored to your industry, company demographics and most importantly your employees.

Gap Cover

Gap cover helps your employees cover shortfalls for in-hospital procedures as well as certain out of hospital expenses. Stats show that having gap cover assists in improving the health of employees as well as their productivity. In addition, employee well-being is also improved, since gap cover encourages people to seek treatment when they need it, without the fear of not being able to cover expensive procedures. The result is a healthier, efficient workforce.

Medical Insurance / Primary Healthcare

Medical insurance provides a more suitable financial option when your company is unable to offer full medical aid to your employees. Also referred to as primary healthcare, it gives employees access to private health cover for events of an accidental nature. Additionally, members can have access to unlimited GP visits within the approved network of doctors. The provision results in less absenteeism, since staff have access to scheduled appointments.

We build employee benefit solutions tailored to your company’s unique needs, find your best with us today.