Business Assurance is a vital risk mitigation tool that ensures the protection of and provision for your business in the event of a loss of key personnel. It is essential for succession planning and to ensure your business remains fully operational and maintains financial liquidity. We can provide you with a comprehensive range of structured solutions suited to your unique business requirements.   

BUY & Sell Agreements:

Ensuring your business can weather any storm is a critical part of any business strategy. In the event of the loss or disability of a co-owner, a buy-sell agreement will stipulate how a partner’s share of the business is reassigned. This ensures a smooth transition in ownership should a partner exit the business due to death, disability or retire. We help construct contracts with careful consideration to your business structure. 

Key Man Cover:

Key Man cover is life insurance on a key person(s) in your business, such as the founder/founding partners, CEO, MD, Sales Director and other key members of staff. Key person insurance helps ensure the survival of the company in the event of a loss of those who make the business work.  Insurance proceeds can be utilized for expenses such as debt payment, hiring of a replacement or severance to employees.   

Let us help you prepare today, so that you can thrive tomorrow. We will assist you in establishing your individual objectives and roll out the best financial plan for you.