Let Our Heritage Create Your Legacy

It is said that you will never appreciate a moment until it becomes a memory. But moment by moment time passes quite quickly. At Saint Andrews we understand the importance of time well spent and the value of living a full life. A life in which you, your business and your family thrive, not just survive.  

While life’s planning and pressures persist, you need a financial plan that perseveres. Whatever season of life you are in; preparing for retirement, growing your business or investing for your children’s education. 

As an independent brokerage, we provide enduring solutions for corporates and individuals, from employee benefits and medical aid to life insurance and investments. We meet your needs to ensure your financial wellbeing.

As an independent brokerage, we provide enduring solutions for individuals and corporates, from life insurance to investments as well as medical aid and employee benefits. We meet your needs to ensure your financial well-being.   

Because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

Our Beginnings

Turning dreams into reality

The idea for Saint Andrews Brokers was born by the light of a full moon on a New Year’s Eve, almost thirty years ago. Our founders Eric and Evelyn Joell, began to manifest their dreams with the decision to leave their respective jobs at Liberty Life, to start their own Independent Brokerage.  The name Saint Andrews was chosen after intense deliberation and represents the lineage and proud traditions from which the Joell family began. Named after the Patron Saint of Scotland, where they were both born, the first products for Saint Andrews brokers were sold in January 1991.  The Saint Andrews Cross or Saltire often present at Scottish Rugby games, is a white cross on a royal blue flag. It can also be found on the British flag as it forms part of the Union Jack. Steeped in history there are many accounts of Saint Andrew and his benevolent deeds of service toward his fellow man. It is from this ethos with which the company was formed and has grown.  

“From our study at home with just two employees, Evelyn and myself, to becoming a second-generation business. Our son, Adam Joell and our daughter, Chloe Smith, now run and manage Saint Andrews to the same ideals that we inculcated”. Saint Andrews now employs fourteen staff and our business implements and manages:  

  • Company Employee Benefits
  • Healthcare solutions
  • Investment Management
  • Retirement Portfolio Structuring 
  • Life, Disability and Severe Illness benefits 
  • Executing Wills 
  • Optimizing tax liability


Eric Joell Saint Andrews co-founder, joined the Insurance, Investment and Healthcare Industry with Liberty Life on April fool's day in 1986. Eric spent the next five years at Liberty Life South Africa and received the premier training in the industry at that time. Five years later he and his wife Evelyn, started Saint Andrews Brokers (Pty) Ltd.